With the whistleblowing platform available at the following link, employees, clients, suppliers, and third parties with an interest in the activities of Rimorchiatori Mediterranei S.p.A. and the companies controlled directly or indirectly by it (the “RM Group“) can submit reports concerning violations of national or European Union legal provisions that harm the public interest or the integrity of the RM Group, of which they have become aware in a public or private work context.

The report may realte to violation or non-compliance with:

  • RM Group Corporate Governance documents (Code of Ethics; Models 231; Policies);
  • Internal provisions of the RM Group;
  • Legislative and regulatory provisions, national or European Union, regarding:
    • public procurement;
    • services, products, and financial markets;
    • prevention of money laundering;
    • financing of terrorism;
    • environmental protection;
    • protection of privacy and personal data, and security of networks and information systems;
    • anti-corruption;
      health and safety protection in the workplace.


The report must be made in good faith, detailed, and based on specific and consistent factual elements, also to avoid diluting the effectiveness of the tool made available through the platform.

The report can be made anonymously using the appropriate option or, in a non-anonymous form, with the confidentiality guarantees provided by law, as well as with the assurance that the whistleblower will not suffer any retaliation for the reported information.

The report is visible exclusively to the Supervisory Body pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, which, based on the information provided, is responsible for conducting the necessary checks to ascertain the validity or otherwise of the reported facts.

It is understood that the whistleblowing platform cannot be used to make unfounded accusations.

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