Since 2008 the Group adopted at Group’s level its Code of Ethics (COE) which establishes the main ethics principles and conduct rules that must be known and applied by each organization member to meet legal requirements and ensure a sustainable success through ethical business conduct and correct manners, as fulfillment of Group Social responsibilities.

The Code of Ethics is applied, where not in conflict with local legal regulations, also in non-Italian companies such as Tug Malta Ltd.

Please find Code of Ethics here:

All the Italian legal entities have also adopted each own Corporate Management and Control Manual, so called “Modello di Organizzazione, Gestione e Controllo 231 (MOGC 231)“, in order to prevent risk of law violations and protect from legal consequences of misconducts.

To ensure the CSR rules fulfillment an ad hoc independent committee, the Organismo di Vigilanza 231/01 (ODV 231) is in charged for all Italian companies.

All Stakeholders (Customers, Suppliers, Managers, Employees, Business Partners, Consultants, etc.) are requested to carefully read the above documents and apply the CSR rules as established by Rimorchiatori Mediterranei Management, as fundamental part of its set of duties in the business.

They are also strongly invited to report any violation by contacting one of the Company Board Members, a relevant Director or Manager or, if more suitable for the circumstances, exclusively the ODV by using a dedicated email: