Gladiator Tugboat

The Gladiator tugboat is a top class Unrestricted Navigation, Fire Fighting-1, Escort tug, Rec-Oil (f.p.>60°C), AUT-UMS,
AUT-PORT; IWS. It offers the following main features:

• Escort performances and power – The tug has a total installed power of 5.632 BHP with expected Bollard Pull of 70 tons, and a dynamic bollard pull for Escort services of 65 tons at 10 knots of speed.

• Propulsion system – It has twin CATERPILLAR 3516 engines and SCHOTTEL SRP 1515. Controllable Pitch propellers (ASD). ASD propulsion is one of the ideal tugs that must frequently and accurately maneuver, due to the fact that ASD has a very reactive propulsion
system. As a result, the same amount of thrust can be generated very quickly in almost any direction and thrust and power can be varied by means of the variable pitch. This allows proper adaptation to all operating conditions that occur during ocean towing and during
assistance of Ships. The readiness of this maneuverability makes this kind of propulsion also one of the preferred in escort operations, hence the additional notation gained and reported.

• Deck equipment – The tug has two KRAAIJEVELD winches. The fore one with split drum for fitting two ropes is properly dedicated to escort operations and it is self-tensioning, capable of withstanding more than 200 t on its brake. The Aft properly dedicated to deep sea towing has double independent drum able to guest steel wire ropes according to Noble Denton requirements, and it is also capable of withstanding more than 150t on its brake.

• Fire Fighting – The tug has Fi-Fi 1 class notation, with a total delivery capacity of 2.400 cubic meters/hour and waterspray protection.

• Rec-Oil – the tug has a Rec-oil tank with a total capacity of more than 86m3 and it is
equipped with two booms for dispersant media spraying in case of marine pollution accidents.
Gladiator Tug

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