Malaga / Aliaga – Sedco 702

We are pleased to announce that the towage service of the semisub rig “Sedco 702” has been succefully completed on 29th October 2016 .

 The rig “Sedco 702” , semisub rig built in 1973 having a dimensions of 355 ft long x 245 ft wide x 130 ft deep with a transit draft of 11.5 m, has been towed by the two vessels AH Varazze and AH Valletta , with a BP of 221 t and 216 t respectively,  covering the 1.900 nm in 14 days  at an average speed of abt 6 kts

 During the towage the convoy encountered  strong wind up to 50 kts for a couple of days but the vessels managed to keep a good speed without stopping the voyage.


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