Crystal Pool s.r.l.

​For the safe management of sophisticated vessels trading worldwide

With 40 years’ experience in the field, Crystal Pool was established in 2009 to offer to third party Owners and to the Group fleet complete Shipmanagement services. Quality, high standards, cost control and tailor-made approach to the business are the key elements of the Company mission. Because of its historical shipowner approach and vision, Crystal Pool aims to be seen as the Clients’ Owner office rather than a contracted organization managing vessels.

In addition to Bulkers, Tankers and Container vessels, the company can offer specific experience and know-how in the management of very specialized and sophisticated tonnage like chemical tankers and off-shore units. Crystal Pool organization is tested every day on these very sensitive, intensive and demanding operations and activities.

Discover more: www.crystalpool.eu

We are ​certified

Crystal Pool srl has always been proud of staying on top of the service it provides, and has always been eager ​to comply with the latest safety developing standards.

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